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A little bit about us

Yumma is a Social Enterprise, and we aim to empower deaf people, often marginalised and unaware of the benefits of good nutrition, by offering them employment or developing cooking skills, which leads to fulfillment and, in turn, offers a stepping stone into the world of volunteering and work. 

We aim to educate and build people’s confidence, as well as promotes well being and reduce social isolation, as mental health in Deaf people is proven to be 1 in 2 which is double than hearing community. This is done through all-inclusive workshops, training events, cooking lessons, selling packaged food to farm shops, pop-up Deaf cafe in Gloucester, and catering services for public use. Additionally, we have produced our first BSL video, which explained about having low sugar breakfast, which had hit over 10k views, the video is further down this page - please take a look. More are being planned this and next year.

Our approach to cooking food is tasty, wholesome, colourful and simple with full of flavours! The idea of encouraging people to change what they eat to improve physical and mental health is paramount to us at Yumma. We will approach to more people if we receive more funding so do support us with anything and more doors to be opened by us.

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Meet the team

At Yumma Foods we're passionate about what we do and all the team are committed to making an impact in the community, as well as on your taste buds.

Yvonne Cobb

Dubbed 'Deaf Nigella', I am Yvonne, the founder of Yumma Food.  I am a Deaf cook with a big personality. Love reading cookery books, retail shopping and spending time with my 3 teenagers, supportive husband and my Mum.

My favourite food is avocado on homemade bread with sprinkles of sesame seeds and grated cheese, and balsamic vinegar. 

Kim Fletcher

My favourite food is vegetable cakes. I am Kim, Mum of 3, plus 2 crazy dogs and I am lucky to have a fantastic husband.
I love experimenting with unusual cakes with vegetables and I love showing off my customers with my vegetable cakes!

I love Yumma as it always gives fantastic and friendly atmosphere in the cafe and I enjoy team working!

 Contract Workers
If you would like to work with us with catering or supporting us with Yumma pop-up cafe or even helping us with cooking workshops, let us know.  Go to CONTACT US page with your details.